Web Software Developer

As a growing company CBTec is continuously looking for new consultants to support our customers. Currently we are heavily interested in person with can-do attitude, passion for technology, extensive JavaScript, PHP5, MySQL development experience, and is able to get up to speed quickly.

Required skills

  • XHTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX - Expert level will be necessary
  • PHP5 - Candidate should be a top-notch PHP5 developer, familiar with the latest features in PHP 5.3.X and 5.4.X
  • MySQL - Modern database development expertise, words like 'trigger' and 'view' should be part of your vocabulary
  • Familiar with Backbone, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, Node frameworks
  • Object Oriented Development / CS Background - Ideal candidates should understand object oriented development, and apply OO concepts to everything they do. Formal CS background or experience preferred
  • Self-Starter - Looking for candidates who can jump in quickly without a lot of direction

Preferred skills

  • Experience building modern web services
  • Experience in building LMS-related web applications

Please send you CV to jobs@cloudberrytec.com and we will get back in touch instantly