1st October 2013

CBTec Welcomes Bad Wolf Oy As an Official Reseller in Finland

CBTec, the company making waves in the education technology industry with its online service Eliademy.com, is now expanding its collaboration network. To ensure a wider distribution of Eliademy, the company has launched a Partner Channel that allows enterprise software consultants to promote the service to their customers. Eliademy for Business, a learning Software as a Service (SaaS), will cost commercial organisations about 8 Euros per year per user.

Eliademy for Business offers organizations a cloud-based private learning environment that allows anyone within this private learning space to create, discover and join courses. Furthermore, HR managers or organization development personnel can utilize the analytics and reports on courses, tasks and people to track organizational development.

“We are marching forward on creating the right ecosystem that supports our mission statement of democratizing education with technology” stated Sotiris Makrygiannis, Founder and CEO of CBTec - the company behind Eliademy.com.

Bad Wolf Oy was founded on the belief that all customers do not have the same needs. The company leverages on broad knowledge base acquired by listening to customers.

“There is a huge demand for simple to use and easy to apply tools in internal and external education processes within companies and Eliademy targets just that need.” stated Sami Haahtinen, Founder of Bad Wolf Oy.

Eliademy is created by CBTec, a company founded by ex-Nokia MeeGo team who previously delivered all open source Nokia phones such as N900 and N9. Eliademy has been developed in Finland-world leader in education-together with best universities, educators, organizations and students.